Firewall Allow/remember opens up All/any, how to change this to single port?


when I get the usual firewall popup for some application opening a TCP/IP connection, it tells me which target IP and port is accessed.

If I chose “allow this request”, “remember my answer”, and “OK” then a rule is created. In Comodo 4, this rule was made for this specific port, as far as I remember.

In Comodo 5, the rule is made for “Allow IP Out from MAC Any To MAC Any Where Protocol is Any” - so, in fact, all outgoing traffic is enabled for the application.

How do I configure it so it creates a rule for the protocoll and port only, i.e. the way it was in Comodo 4? I’m sure there must be an option somewhere…

Thanks in advance!

firewall>firewal behavior settings>alert setting>alert frequency level (very hight) is what you wan

thanks, I was searching for that …