firewall alerts

Question again!

If I use “custom policy mode” in what cases alert will be for “Windows Operating System” and for “System”?

And another one question: CIS DNS servers does not work (through vpn-servers). Could it be caused by restricitions of internet-provider?

The first question is still actual

im sorry, it isnt an answer. Its even !ot! i suppose

i want the truth :expressionless:

N0ormally for UPnP or Netbios access alerts for Windows operation system and System appears.

Just block this by a rule, and everything is fine.

oh my god. VPN connection needs some rules for “W.O.S.” and “system”/ I want to get the difference between “w.o.s.” and “system”

what answer should be?

renaebayos, actually I dont understand what you said and it seem like you are wrong.

Users of this forum loves to give bad advices, as I have observed. This is funny business ;D - This is for VPN server
By the way, VPN needs:
WOS: Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is 47 (GRE)


Allow TCP Out From Ip Any To Ip Any Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port is 1723

So, renaebayos, this looks like total poo what you said :-TD You will be very vulnerable for direct os attacks if you will do such a rule like on your screenshot, will not you?

I always thought, that incoming connections (not in loopback zone) are useful only for network servers and I cant understand how the hell It could be useful for WOS or system

I think that blocking ICMP is a security improvement.

I have extremely good p2p speed without your rules. I have limited it. Also I affraid of flooding and, for example “smurf” attacks. And I dont want to takes part in flooding :a0

OK, tell me what for I need incoming icmp traffic. And why the hell you have adwiced me to allow incoming connections for W.O.S.? In what is p2p? P2P client must work with all p2p traffic