firewall alerts while remote connected

sry if this has already been addressed…i did a quick search for “remote desktop” and didn’t see my questions answered.

i have comodo firewall installed on my home pc. when i go to work i sometimes leave my pc on at home to run anti-virus scan, malware scans, etc (nice to get those done while at work instead of when i’m home and want to play games or actually use my pc).
anyway, if i try to use an application that i’ve never used before, comodo will not display the firewall pop-up asking me to allow or deny access. however, when i go home and log back onto my pc comodo will have the firewall alert pop up waiting for me to either accept or deny.
is there a way i can get those pop ups to appear while remote connected? sorry if this doesn’t make sense - no coffee yet today and i’m tired!