Firewall alert

This keeps on popping up.
and I don’t know if it’s safe.
I temporarily blocked it.
I don’t know if i should accept it or how to treat it as?

That is part of Windows. Make it outgoing only from your predefined rules.

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This thread below has some info about port 2869 might help.

My UPNP is off… should I add system.exe to my network security policy and set it as outgoing only? Cause I can’t find system.exe in my network security policy list.\

I was wondering is there like a list of ports and programs that tells you whats the right policy to assign? Sorry I’m not really good at this so I’m trying to get as much info as possible.

I added system from running processes.

Can you please elaborate… sorry ><

Go to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and click add. Now you have a box with a select button on the top right. Click select and chose from the running process “system”. Then make it outgoing only from the predefined rules.