Firewall Alert Window: Treat this application as... list incomlete (V3.0.25 X32)

Hi everybody,
as announced, another one…

In the Firewall Alert Window the application dropdown list next to “Treat this application as…” does not always show all applications as expected. From the developers’ point of view there seem to be different alert windows which only look similar. I didn’t find out the pattern when the “defective” list shows up, however.

In the attached example both “Email…” entries are vanished.

regards, tom

(edit: forgot to mention version in subject)

CFP, Win XP Home 2002 SP2, Avast Home 4.8.1201 (at time of this post)

[b]This issue have been resolved.

-3xist. [/b]

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Are you using Threatcast? I have never seen those choices in Comodo before. Only web browser,email client,trusted app,bocked app and outgoing only.

No. These are just custom options since the default configuration that comes with CFP is not suitable for my system. You can modify or change order in: Firewall / Advanced / Predefined Firewall Policies.

Well I find it odd that you modify Comodo yourself and now your making a big about it that you may have caused.

Oh, well…happens to me, too, from time to time. And I’m not talking about the one extra FW policy I added, but about the standard choices (no screenshot available atm). Sometimes, options are just not shown, mostly, it’s trusted application.
I suppose that there’s a reason for this behaviour, so, I’m curious, too.

Sorry, I don’t get your point:
why did Comodo developers make options available if these are not intended to be used?

I think you got something wrong when reading my post, I guess.

The expected behaviour is to show only policies that could match the current request.

Thanks for pointing this out.

However, I’m not quite sure… unless ignoring “ask any source, any destination, any protocol” is on purpose in that case?

Guess so as a rule of thumb only policies that allow/block the connection will be listed plus the block connection one.

The alerts you attached should be no exception.

Thanks again, that solves it.

May I suggest putting these wise words into user’s manual - I didn’t find any clue there.

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