Firewall Alert - Very High

Hi, this suggestion is for people who uses:

→ Alert Frequency Level - Very High

Whenever an alert is received, whether it is allowed/blocked, when saved the rule will be ‘very specific’ & look like this:

This is actually what we needed (specific address, port & protocol) to have complete control over applications’ traffic.

→ However in some/many other cases, we would want a more general rule for some applications and I propose that this is included in the alert message.

Aim - I want a way to easily add more general rules when the Alert Level is set to ‘Very High’ while keeping some information as shown below:

This enables us to easily keep the ‘Address’ but let go of the ‘Port’ information (and vice-versa, or let go of both - while still keeping the protocol information for sure).

This is really what I need & missed as a Comodo Firewall user.

P.S: I was thinking that if a checked textbox was possible, it might be better as shown below:


I think you’ve inspired me to get back to working on my charrettes. I tried to implement the feature you’re looking for by adding an additional option that would take the user to the alert settings tab in the firewall behavior control window, and then refresh the alert accordingly to any changes made. However, your idea is far less cumbersome and far more direct than mine :slight_smile:

As I writing this, I’m thinking of another type of implementation: a tab on the alert with the rule frequency slider in it, that would update the alert as your slide it. This would provide similar functionality, visceral and immediate feedback, scalability with future iterations of the frequency slider, consistency with its corresponding options elsewhere in the gui, and take advantage of the tabs on the alert window.

Omg you beaten me completely with the ‘Rule Frequency Slider’ idea. :wink:

Really I think this a genius idea. :-TU

If you can install kerio 2.5 and look at how it does its custom alerts.
It is a great solution, you can customise the rule on the fly, so you can allow the address, port, and define if you want continuing popups or to block all future ones. All this can be done from the tab.
It really makes it a breeze. I just started another thread with this request in it, no realizing this one existed.