Firewall Alert Pre-Selection

Just moved my post from the “Firewall” forum section into this one, as I think it rather belongs here:


I would like to suggest that the pre-selected standard settings of the “Firewall Alert” popup should always be “Block this request” with “Remember my answer” unticked. Right now CIS remembers the settings of the most recent popup as the pre-selection, which in my opinion doesn’t make much sense.

This would help to avoid accidental rule creations and would be the safest alternative. If I intend to allow access or even create a rule, this should be a very conscious decision in my opinion.

Also, this would increase the safety of all those not-too-tech-savy (or mindless) users who just click “ok” on everything that appears on their screen.


:-TD I think the majority of the time people want the program to access the internet

Not if it’s malware phoning home :wink:

I actually like the way it works currently.

Well yes, but that is one of the few exceptions. That’s why I said the majority of the time. ;D

I haven’t had a virus on my system for over 2 years. Over that 2 yr span I can tell you a large number of programs did access the internet through. :wink:

Fair enough :wink:

I guess that’s cos you’re running CIS, yeah? ;D

Of course :comodo110:

Perhaps an option to allow the user to configure the default selections in the pop-up, including whether or not to remember?