Firewall alert not reacting & Application Agent not running

It so happens that from time to time the Firewall will alert me and when I choose an option, either allow, block or treat as it does not react on click and leaves the alert window open. Only when I go into task manager and kill the running alert it will close.

At other times the application agent will stop running, then I open the main window, open the Killswitch and have to restart the application agent manually.

Windows 7 and Firewall version 7.0.317799.4142

I feel rather unsafe with this behaviour. What is going on, this never used to happen before. Clean install of Windows 7 and solid IT user so I know what I am doing.

Any ideas?

Is there an official support person or support channel that I could use to see what I might be doing wrong?

I am on the verge of securely wiping the OS after copying the personal/work data I want to save and starting with a clean install since I have so far never had this issue and I am worried that these fallouts might be due to either a bug or an attack.

Thank you for any help or info any one might be able to point me to.

This is a user support forum. If you want official support assistance you will have to buy CIS Pro or CIS Complete. Please don’t bump a topic within 24 hrs.

I assume you are killing cis.exe. Is that correct?

Windows 7 and Firewall version 7.0.317799.4142

I feel rather unsafe with this behaviour. What is going on, this never used to happen before. Clean install of Windows 7 and solid IT user so I know what I am doing.
Any ideas?

Cis.exe is the client program which communicates with the underwater part Comodo Internet Security Helper Service (cmdagent.exe). The latter is doing the actual protection.

When any of the alert windows does not react I am only then killing those with Task Manager so I can continue to work. If the alert windows are run by cis.exe then I guess I am killing and/or restarting those.

At times, without my input the Application Agent will stop running, a cross will appear in the task bar instead of the animated traffic icon. Then I have to go to Killswitch and restart the Application Agent. This then works for some time before it stops running again without input from my side.

Both these issues happen independently from each other. Sometimes the Application Agent runs, sometimes not, sometimes the alert windows react, sometimes not. I was thinking of making a screen recording of this, since, so far I have NEVER experienced such strange behaviour with Comodo Firewall. Basically I cannot believe what I am seeing here since I have good faith in CFW.

What do you think about this behaviour?

As always make sure there are no leftovers of security programs you had installed in the past. A possible left over can cause all sort of “strange effects”. Please run clean up tools for all security programs you had in the past. A list can be found here at the Eset website: ESET Knowledgebase .

See if that makes a difference or not in your situation. When you mention Application Agent is that phrase coming from an alert that you are getting from CIS? It is not a phrase used for CIS processes by KillSwitch or Task Manager; that’s confusing me.

If it refers to a crash of the Comodo Internet Security Helper Service (cmdagent.exe) then I advice to set the service to always recover instantly after crashing. Go to Service (Control Panel → Administrative Tools). Look up Comodo Internet Security Helper Service, select it, right click and choose properties. Then navigate to the Recovery tab and set it to Restart the service after first, second and subsequent failures and set to restart service after 0s.

There are no leftovers. I use Comodo Firewall and Panda Cloud Antivirus and that is it.

The phrase is from the animated traffic icon in the task bar, bottom right where the other icons are. There normally the traffic is animated. At times the traffic stops animating the icon and instead a black cross on a red background can be seen. When I hover over that icon it says “Application Agent not running”. I will try and make a screenshot next time it happens.

Same for the alert, normally, like on 95% of the cases things work fine, but then, at times, possibly when the system is under heavy load, the alert window will simply not react, well I can click up and down the “treat as”, “allow” or “block” options, but then in the under menu when I click for example “block and terminate” nothing will happen. Will also try to take some screen shots of that.

It is funny, since I opened this topic the issues have not come back. Perhaps CFW (Comodo FireWall)“sees” that I am talking about it here and decided to work again, hehe. Joke aside, I am indeed worried a bit that someone might have tampered with it. Though I am the only person using this workstation and take great care with what I install and have running.

Ok, I managed to take a few screenshots. This happened just now. You can see the icon with the white cross, though I wonder in KillSwitch cmdagent.exe and cis.exe are running fine. This behaviour can be observed every so often.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Has any one had similar issues or can some one share their thoughts on this? As I said, it happens every so often. Best to wipe and restore to a clean image?

Is this a bug in CFW? Does any one feel the like to shed some light on this with an experience they might have had with this issue? Unsettling situation if you ask me. The agent should never just shut down, right?

As a safe guard I always set the Comodo Internet Security Helper service to always recover when it crashes.

Go go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services → look and select up Comodo Internet Security Helper service → click right and choose properties → go to the Recovery tab → set it to Restart the service on first second and subsequent failures after 0 days and 0 minutes.

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Excellent, will definitely do this from now on. Thank you!!

Is it advisable to do this for the other Comodo processes as well? Just as some sort of preventive measure?

This is a preventative measure in case the service would crash. This service is the very heart of CIS.

This & Thank you :slight_smile: