Firewall Alert limited predefined policies showing

This past week on my main PC and laptop whenever I get a Firewall Alert the pulldown list of Predefined Firewall Policies does not contain the full list.
This means that I can not use “Treat this application as” selection properly.

Since updating Firefox, for instance, CIS keeps giving me Firewall Alerts for Firefox’s DNS access. Normally I would tell it to “Treat this application as Web Browser” but this policy isn’t showing. Selecting “Allow this request” makes the alert go away until the next time.

If I go into Network Security Policy and again set Firefox there as Web Browser, the alerts still come up.

I’ve uninstalled and installed again, imported my old config and it still happens. I’ve started my config from scratch (what a nightmare!) and again it is still happening.

I have 7 Predefined Policies, mostly my own or heavily edited existing ones. Only 2-4 are showing up.

This is making the Firewall almost impossible to use - or at least to config tightly and concisely.

No one else seems to have reported this.

System is XP SP 3 fully up to date.
CIS is latest 509 without AV installed - just Firewall and Defense.
No major changes to systems.