Firewall alert keeps appearing and disappearing instantly


I’ve recently upgraded to Windows 8, and installed the newest Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013; and have a really annoying problem with its firewall.
I am using the firewall in custom ruleset mode, with showing popup alerts. Sometimes, randomly, the firewall alert pops up, then instantly disappears; then again for 3-10+ (again, random…) times in a short time. If I view the Logs, it tells me that “Windows Operating System” tried to initiate an outgoing communication. I cannot allow, nor deny the request; and I cannot pinpoint what is trying to communicate either. It is really annoying; I’m hoping someone can help me solve this problem. I really don’t think this is a virus; because the Windows 8 is recently installed, first thing to install was the CIS Pro 2013; and I’m an informatics engineer, so I have some clues about what to do and don’t do in order to be safe…

Attached are screenshots of the events, so you can see them, and also screenshots of the firewall settings.

Screenshot of firewall log:

Screenshot of firewall settings:

I really hope someone has a solution for this… CIS Pro 2012 didn’t have any similar problem, even when the process was terminated, the alert window would stay, and not disappear…

Thank you in advance for your replies.

I think that is a bug which some users of Windows 8 are experiencing. Take a look at the link below.

Thank you; indeed the problem I’m experiencing is very similar, the only difference is the event which fires.

If you don’t mind it would be very helpful if you could reply to that bug report with the specifics of your system and any information which you believe could be relevant to the bug. That will make it more likely that the devs can fix the problem.