Firewall alert for Dragon when opening it from COMODO Desktop


Not sure if its bug or something I did wrong.

Every time I opening the COMODO desktop and run Dragon browser firewall alert pop up asking me for permission. The question is why? it is safe app…

It also happened to me with the beta version of CIS 8 but didn’t pay attention for that.

added screenshot.


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I noticed that too. It is because Dragon is running in sandboxed. See attached image with the Firewall alert set to verbose.

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Hi EricJH,

Thanks, however I don’t think it should happened.
Dragon is safe app, true… running in the sandbox… it says “it usually happened when unrecognized app trying to use Dragon to connect to the internet”. The app that trying to use Dragon is CIS itself, so CIS “unrecognized app”?
Also: “You can safely allow this…” So why CIS did not approve automatically?