Firewall alert disappears after 'x' seconds .. what happens then?

I was on the phone today when a firewall alert popped up … one of my untrusted apps was trying to access the net.

I was a bit distracted so I didn’t click anything, and thought I would check the alert when the phone call finished. However, after a few minutes the alert disappeared, and when I investigated further I found a setting “Keep an alert on screen for maximum of x seconds” that allows you to adjust how long the alert appears on the screen before disappearing.

So I was wondering, what happens when the alert times-out and disappears?

Is it the equivalent of pressing the “cancel” button (that’s ok), or is it equivalent to the “OK” button (that would be bad as it would mean allowing the connection)?

Is any rule created when this happens?

Thanks for your help!


If you don’t answer, the response by CFP3 is to block but not remember. So next time there is an attempt, you will get another popup.

Added to FAQ