Firewall Alert Closed after 120 seconds - Did it block?


I was using my computer and the only internet activity was mIRC connected to the Mibbit IRC Network. Comodo Firewall alerted me that I was about to recieve a connection from the IP to the “System” application - I went to look up the IP to see what to do and the Firewall alert Closed.

When the alert closed did it allow or block this connection.

Also is a safe IP address or could my system be compromised?

Thanks in Advance,
Cameron Gray


It came up again and I found that it is on Port 137 - incase that helps

Welcome to the forum camerongray, if you do not answer an alert then Comodo will block it and no rule will be created.

You can extend the Alert timeout by going to Firewall->Firewall behaviour settings


p.s. The address is something to do with Open Access based in New York.

Thank you so much!

Is a safe IP or is it known to be dangerous .etc?

Well i`ve just done a quick google of the IP and it looks like it could be associated with the Stormbot.

Google “Is a known bad IP” quite a few show it as a mail harvester