Firewall alert bug


When an application tries to connect to the Internet, Comodo asks for approval. If I click on the application name, Comodo GUI crashes. It’s a bit annoying crashing GUI and not been able to see aplication details.

System info: Vista x64 SP1, Comodo Internet Security FINAL, Comodo BOClean 4.27.

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I had experienced the same issue on WinXP x64 while testing the Beta/RC versions. And I think the issue was for all popups (D+ and FireWall).

I am just downloading the final version now, and haven’t installed it yet, but will definitely be trying to confirm this.

Hopefully it is fixed soon, because I like to use it too (:WAV)

This is an old bug been there sens I first started using Comodo long time ago :frowning:

I also posted this on the GUI bug thread, this isn’t a specific Firewall alert bug.
Very annoying, Vista x64 here. This really should be a top 1 priority bug fix since this is VERY annoying.