Firewall alert => allow only requested IP address and Port [RESOLVED]

Dear Sir or Madam,

I want to limit the access of Firefox to certain IP addresses. If a firewall alert is raised, then I want to decide, whether the access to this certain address ( and port) is permanently allowed or blocked.

But my experience is the following:

“Allow this request” (+ remember my answer) will allow the whole IP-address-range.
“Block this request” (+ remember my answer) will block the whole IP-address-range.

Is there the possibility to remember the decision only just for the single IP-address using the firewall alert frame? I do know the “Network security Policies” but it is a circuitous way doing that for a lot of IP addresses.

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Try turning the alert level up to very high under firewall/advanced/firewall settings.

The sun is rising! Thats the solution! Thank you!

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OK; I’ll mark this thread resolved in case others are looking for an answer. :slight_smile: