firewall advanced settings difference between cis 5 and 6

in 5 you have the options to

protect ARP cache,block gratuitous ARP frames, and monitor NDIS protocols other than TCP/IP

but these options aren’t there in cis 6. But there are some new options in cis 6 that cis 5 didn’t have like

filter loopback traffic and enable anti-ARP spoofing

are some of the options just renamed in cis 6 or is cis 6 missing some features that cis 5 had and vice versa

I cross referenced the v5 and v6 help files.

The Anti-ARP spoofing of v6 is what was Block Gratuitous ARP Frames in v5.

From the fact that Protect ARP Cache is no longer a setting in v6 but v6 still has the protection against Gratuitous ARP Frames I infer that ARP cache protection must be part of the default protection by the firewall.

The monitor of NDIS protocols other than TCP/IP seems to have vanished.

Enable alert for loopback requests was already in v5.