Firewall advanced filter?

Hi, in pre 6 versions there was an option to filter traffic on a port or IP Address basis.
Now, when I see a pop-up → 1.jpg (sorry for polish translation :slight_smile: )
I can select option allow this connection (and remember checkbox below), but now Comodo will allow all outgoing traffic for this app.

But I want to allow traffic only with this IP and port - only option to do that is to remember IP address and port (or make a screenshot) - it is rather unfriendly.

In CIS 5 and older I could set level of rules (direction, protocol, address, port), and now there is only protocol level of automated storing of rules.

Is it intended?

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If you change the firewall policy to Custom and set Alerts to High or Very High, you should find what you need.

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Thanks - i didn’t understood that this is the option I was looking for.