Firewall Activity

When should I see numbers associated with bytes in/bytes out for firefox.exe when I view my active connections. All the number are with ESET.exe and service host.exe. When I go to different web pages and quickly minimize firefox, there are only zeros in the bytes in/out columns. In fact ESET and service host are the only ones that don’t have zeros.

Is this normal and hope it isn’t too stupid a question.

Also, the number indicator in the summary pane below the red down arrow for inbound connections is always zero. Or, at least I haven’t noticed any other number. I am in Safe Mode.


The numbers you see are normal. Afaik based on my own connections.

Thank You John,

Maybe they would change if I increased security level, or maybe that just is the way it is. I read something on another thread about the firewall not blocking anything after an update and thought maybe mine had the same problem.


Since you reported seeing numbers on some of your connections, your firewall is seeing the connections and acting according to your rules. You should also be seeing activity in your Traffic meter (as a percentage of total traffic).

I do see traffic on the meter and it is line with my activity. Guess all is well.