Firewall activities view

In the newest CIS release, I don’t know how to see the firewall activities, i.e. the programs that are actually accessing Internet in real time. In the old version, this was showed in the first window. And now?
May you tell how to do that?

You can view the active connections in killswitch now. you can find killswitch in tasks under advanced tasks.

Thanks your reply, Andrei. Do you know if Killswitch is freeware like CIS?

Yes its free

Thanks, wasgij6.

But you don’t think that the old system to verify the firewall activities was more simple than KillSwich? In the CSI previous version, we only looked to the first window and in a glance we had the principal sws that were accessing Internet. In the newest version, KillSwich is very complex to substitute a simple glance to the sw that are accessing Internet.

Hi Hugo NM,
I think most users agree that the older style summary screen was more practical.
See here and here, thanks.

Hi Captainsticks
I also had voted!
Good news those you told me.

Thanks Hugo NM. :-TU

Good news!
In the last CIS update (march 17, 2013), the firewall activities view is present !
Thanks to Comodo team!! :slight_smile: