Firewall Active Connections - too many connections to one TCP port?

I am having problems running eMule and have identified some information in Firewall Active Connections that I do not understand, but may be an issue.

My problem with eMule is that it starts normally, but soon loses the connection and reports that the TCP port 64662 is unreachable. I have read that Active Connections is supposed to update real time as processes connect and disconnect through the firewall.

This currently shows:

Windows Operating System [444]
emule.exe [2640]
spt.exe [2064]
emule.exe [688]

all TCP listening on: 64662
all 0 Bytes In and 0 Bytes Out

However ONLY emule.exe [688] is actually running. I have tried manually terminating connection (context menu is Active Connections) on the others, but this does not appear to work. Why?

The active connections screen is not always accurate. It updates the results slowly and will therefor show closed connections as active; in short it may show more connections active then there are. Since it is slow it may also fail to reflect if a connection is closed by you.

The things you see in Active Connections are most likely not related to your problems with eMule.

Can you show a log of the firewall logs (View Firewall Events) of around the time eMule is running. Can you also show a screenshot of your Global Rules?