Firewall acting veird 7k+ intrusions per day

For ~week i have strange things happening with my pc, nothing was installed\uninstalled, nothing changed, but my internet traffic can just halt few times per hour, while this happens i see too many strange out\inbound connections shows up, and yesterday i had more then 7k blocked intrusions… its not normal… and i don’t see anymore that firewall updates itself (normally it ask for updates, or try to update when i just turn on pc)
Anyone possibly know what happens?

Are you using a p2p client, such as utorrent?

not all the time, and that 7k+ was without uTorrent running.
ps. week ago i dont had that problem even with torrent client On.

It may or may not be related to your p2p client, however, this is quite a common situation and is due to the nature of the way p2 works. Basically, even though you’ve disconnected from the swarm, the other members will still try to download from you, as they are unaware you have disconnected. Because your p2p client is no longer listening, the inbound connections are picked up by another process, hence the log entries.

If this is the cause of your log entries, which you can verify by looking at the inbound port number, you can create a rule for ‘Windows Operating System’ to hide these entries from the log.

Please post an image of a section of your log file showing the ‘intrusions’ and the port number used by your p2p client - Use Additional options to attach an image.

Do you have any further details on the attempted intrusions - ports, protocols etc.?

Ewen :slight_smile:

p2p using 37461 port. and was like less then tenth part of that blocked list.
as i see from googled Port 18998 (tcp/udp) Attack Activity - SANS Internet Storm Center its activity jumped up tremendous

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