Firewall able to always ask?

Hey there,

since today I am using Comodo Internet Security as my firewall. The problem is, that i am trying to achieve that the firewall is always (!) asking when new programs try to access the internet. I am using skype and chrome for example and for both programms the firewall did not ask. Now I set the firewall security level to custom but that did not change anything. So my question is: Is it possible to set the firewall to always ask for programms if they try to connect to the internet (and remember that rule later :P)?

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Hi HenHen83,

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Can you untick the following option on Firewall → Firewall Behavior Settings → ‘Do not show popup alerts’ and tick ‘Create rules for safe applications’.
That should at least ask you once what to do with them and create rules on the ‘Network security policy’ for each app.