Firewall 6.x free version questions

Looking at a possible Win 8/Win Defender conflict with Comodo, I uninstalled Firewall 5.x today to discover it’s now 6.x. A couple of related questions for now:

  • Is advanced settings interface eliminated now in the free version? I don’t see anything to invoke it.
  • How does one turn off the alert sound? Without advanced settings, it doesn’t appear possible.


For an introduction to version 6.0, and my advice on how to configure it, please see my article about How to Install Comodo Firewall.

I think it will answer most of your questions.

Its nice to read.
But at the passage where you say, some keyloggers may work but the firewall will keep you safe,
i strongly missed a warning about game mode.
And a general chapter about game mode.

Thanks for the feedback. A warning about Game Mode has been added.

Thanks for the instructions link. Strange I didn’t see anything to link to Advanced Settings in the main v.6 box. In any case, due to problems with Windows Defender (Win 8), I decided to uninstall Comodo and SAS Pro until that could be figured out (which clearing them out didn’t do). Presumably, once that’s done and I know the lay of the land, I’ll be able to return to Comodo.

Another question: At least in Comodo Firewall v5 (free), autoruns showed two entries to run at startup named “Comodo Antivirus” or similar. Did that actually indicate antivirus capabilities?

You must add this yourself. Navigate to the Advanced Settings icon, right click on it, and add it as a shortcut to the main window.

Do you mean that you are still experiencing problems, even with both uninstalled. If so then please try removing any remnants of either programs by following the advice I give in this post.

Of this I’m not sure. Hopefully someone else can comment on this.

Yes, Win Defender service turns off frequently even with both uninstalled. The thread is here: Redirecting.

I ran RevoUninstaller Pro, Ccleaner, jv16 PowerTools and then went into the registry and searched and deleted everything (relevant) with “Comodo,” “cfw” and “SASanti.” I didn’t do the latter in Safe Mode, tho.

Please download the CIS uninstall tool from this page. Then boot into Safe Mode and run it in Safe Mode.

It may also be helpful to run an uninstall tool for SuperAntiSpyware as well. I believe one can be found on this page. It’s probably most effective when run in Safe Mode as well.

Please let us know if this helps.

Thanks for those. The SAS tool is easy enough, but I can’t figure out the Comodo one. It pops up a DOS screen with instructions for Enter 1 and Enter 2, but as soon as I type the first and hit return, it closes. In the app list box itself, Add/Remove doesn’t help because Comodo CIS was removed previously. In any case, no difference so far with Defender.

Strange. Please try running the CIS one in normal mode and see if it works.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m seeing. What am I supposed to do? I click on the CIS entry, which opens the DOS box. I type the Enter 1 phrase and return, the DOS box closes. Click on Add/Remove first or last, there’s no Comodo in the list of Programs.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Perhaps it’s not working correctly for Windows 8. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you solve this problem.

Sorry, but I can’t think of anything else to try off the top of my head.

I would insert a link of your explaination at the passage:
“Some keyloggers may still be able to log data. However, even if they are able to access any information the firewall will stop them from being able to transmit it from your computer. Thus, as long as you are careful when answering any firewall alerts you will be safe.” Exceptions related to GAME MODE

Thank you. I’ve modified that portion of my article and added a link to the explanation of GAME MODE.

Thanks. I decided to install CIS and the instructions were/are very helpful. What is the reason to limit maximum file size in real-time and normal scans to 40mb by default, when there are applications and media files much larger than that?

Active malware is not very likely to be in executables bigger than 40 MB. The limit was 20 MB but after a virus was found that was bigger than 20 MB the limit was upped.

If there are viruses just sitting in an archive they will be caught when unpacking them. It would be a waste of resources to have the Real Time scanner scan such big archives.

If you like you can increase it. Almost all malware is much smaller than that. That is why the default is set to 40MB. However, if you like you can increase it. The only downside is that there may be a small performance hit for larger files.

If i right click scan a file, i totally want to scan that file.
And if it says, no virus found, i want to be sure it got scanned.
“Luckily comodo saves resources.” (??)

If i would want to circumvent secure comodo protection, i would write a virus that is 41mb big. It is THE game. And in the same moment when the poor soul enables game mode,
i am in/data is out.

More and more you can read comodos “userfriendlyness” and take advantage of it. I wonder when the first malware authors will make conclusions.

Could you tell me what the size limit is for Super Antispyware?

I think the 40 MB size makes practical sense and for an advanced user like yourself you can easily adapt it.

It was me, not clockwork, who was mentioning SAS. It’s default is <4mb.

On the matter of SAS Pro, it appears here that since installing CIS the other day, SAS isn’t running at start up, even though all the settings for it to do so are checked in the app and show in autoruns. Issues of redundancy aside, could CIS be turning it off, or vice versa, just like Win Defender turns off with CIS?