Firewall 5.5.195786.1383 ????? following internet access probs...?


I upgraded to 5.5.195786.1382 and subsequently lost all network connection (couldn’t even ping the router) and my PC wasn’t getting an IP address. I disabled Comodo, restarted Win 7 firewall - all OK. Then re-enabled Comodo - all OK for a few mins, then same prob as above.
Re-installed CIS and seemed OK, then was asked to install a further update and got version 5.5.195786.1383 ??? I don’t see ANY reference to Version 1383 in the forum or Comodo webpage… However network connection now seems stable & all OK… Any thoughts on this sequence of events / any comments?

There was a problem for some users with ARP cache protection with .1382. Disabling helped to work around it.

It is still not clear what .1383 brought but, I am still waiting for adapted Release Notes, but may be it fixed the ARP cache protection problem.