Firewall 5.12

Comodo Firewall will always work correct ? Even after CIS 6 - 100 ?

I mean I can just use the 5.12 firewall and never have to worry about it going obsolete etc

Sorry for wweird question. I just am not looking for any change .

If Firewall Version 6 is just as good. I’ll stick with it. It’s just hard to tell

There’s nothing wrong with using 5.12 for now, but as is usually the case with computer security having the latest version offers the best protection.

I’m just using the firewall. Not the AV database . So, all should be well I think . Can anybody find the firewall guide for 5.12 ? I can only find the version 6 right now .

When it comes to 5.12 VS 6. Which do you think worls better. It seems version 6 has fewer ways to config. I followed the guide exactly . Do you think it’s pretty much running the same as 5.12 ?

Is this Comodo Firewall Download, Free Firewall Protection | Internet Security v5.9/5.10 what you are looking for or is it Chiron installation guide?

If you have usability in mind and don’t need Kiosk, stay with V 5.12 for the moment.
If you want modern look go for V 6.
On a security level, there isn’t really a difference between them right now.

Press “what is this?” in every window of comodo settings.
That leads to the manual of the version.

Chiron one . thanks though . i’ll loo out for the 5.12 guide. had it booked marked before

Then you should maybe PM him and see if he could provide you the tuto relating to V 5.12.

Okay. Will do. I decided to stay with version 6 for now though . Giving it another chance .