Firewall 5.12 does not detect inbound connections

I’ve been using Comodo firewall for years with no problems, but I think my installation is now corrupted and I don’t know how to fix it.

The problem now is that the summary page states “0 inbound connections” and I have a known number of inbound servers (example: sabnzbd on port 9090) that are up and running and they are no longer detected by the firewall. As a test I changed the application rule to log incoming connections and they did not appear in the log. So it seems like all inbound connections are now bypassing the firewall.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Version of firewall is 5.12.256249

The reason I got into this mess is because I wanted to try using Comodo Antivirus in addition to the firewall. When I downloaded the antivirus and tried to install it, I did not realize the installer would upgrade the firewall also to Comodo 6 – and in the process delete all my dozens of application firewall rules I had accumulated throughout the years! (also the UI of Comodo 6 is awful) I then did a Windows System Restore to get me back to the point before I made the upgrade, and was able to export my firewall rules. At this point the firewall wasn’t working at all, so I did a full uninstall and found a 5.12 installer and installed that, then restored the firewall settings. Now I have the firewall working fine for outbound connections but not for inbound. Multiple reboots do not fix the problem. I also installed the Comodo firewall service inspect.inf to my network adapter as a service. Still I essentially have only a working outbound firewall.

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Would you mind showing us a screenshot of your firewall Global rules and explaining which server processes you have running. With regard to sabnzbd, are you referring to the web interface? If so, are you still able to access this from a remote PC?

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I think I found the issue and it was my own misunderstanding. Only inbound connections from computers other than this same one show up on the list. I went ahead and tried by logging on another computer in my home network and reaching sabnzbd web interface and it did show up as an inbound connection. I also tested by changing the application rule from “allow” to ask and indeed the firewall asked me before I could connect. However, this did not apply when I was trying to connect from a browser within the same computer from which Comodo firewall is running. At least I know I am now protected from undesired inbound connections from other computers.

Is this the expected behavior or should the firewall also detect inbound connections coming from the same computer?

Attached is my global rules screenshot

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I’m glad you’ve found the solution. What you’ve described is what I’d expect, as connections between a browser and web server on the same PC will use localhost.