Firewall 5.0 CIS fails to initialise

I have updated from 4.0 to 5.0. but when I open the comodo desktop there is an orange shield on the right and the message “CIS is being initialised”.

After a while the shield turns red and the message “Comodo application agent is not running” appears. If I run diagnostics a box appears offering to fix the problem which returns saying the problem has been fixed and telling me to reboot.

However, when I do reboot it’s the same problem as before.

I can get it to run (and the shield turn green) by going to administrative tools > services, and then starting the comodo agent, although that is already set to run automatically. However when I restart my computer I am back to how it was before, ie agent is stopped and CIS does not run.

To install 5.0 I removed 4.0 using revo uninstaller, and I also ran the comodo cleanup tool twice with restarts in between.

This is doubly frustrating since it’s not that long ago it took me some time to get 4.o running when updating from 3.0.

Can anyone help, please?

Do you have other security or network related programs runing in the background? Which ones? If so try disabling them, also from starting with Windows, reboot and see what happens.