Firewall 3: is BOClean now redundant? [Merged Threads]

I’ve just installed your free firewall Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0.13.268.
Could you tell me please, as it has the A-VSMART prevention built into this newer version,
Do I need “Comodo BOClean : Anti-Malware Version 4.25”?

Does your new firewall with built in A-VSMART replace having to install BOClean?

I posted an answer to your question here:;msg107594#msg107594

I realize you may have been unsure where to post your question but please try and avoid posting the same question more than once on the forum - otherwise it tends to get a bit cluttered.


Layered security is the answer. You can read my article in the CEO section about Layered Security
Hence in theory you need both.


Comodo 3, which I like very much because of its helpful hints, seems to have lots of capability to find malware. Does it make BOClean redundant or does Comodo still recommend running both? (might be useful to address this in FAQ)

i still think we should have them both. in case we accidentally allow a malware to execute, we still got BOclean.

Will V3 be kept up to date with malware signatures like BO clean ??

it is only argument? I’m want to know because don’t like picture in task manager: the small BOClean needs twice as more resurces as CPF3. Is there something else besides accidents (and Layered security theory)?

The need for Layered security is certainly more than just a theory. Though CFP is amazing and can potentially stop much malware from action it will not remove malware that enters the system. Nothing is perfect and some nasty could get on to your pc as malware is evolving all the time and some clever, nasty person may eventually design something that can slip by your first layer of defence.
If something gets on your system and CFP defence+ warns you about it you can certainly stop the malware from acting. How do you then remove it? This is where antivirus software and BOClean come in.

Hopefully once CAVS 3 is ready the combination of CFP3 and CAVS3 should be all that is needed to protect your PC - the combination should provide this layered security better than enything currently available.


i see, thank you very much for answer.

really ??? is there something wrong? in my task manager:
cfp.exe :3096KB
cmdagent :8368KB

BOCore : 1472KB

maybe there’s a problem with your BOC installation? do you have CMG as well?

BOCore: 1136 KB
BOC425.exe: 18708 KB

~~ 20 MB vs CPF ~~10-12 :wink:

maybe there's a problem with your BOC installation? do you have CMG as well?
CMG? i don't know..

pls read the above for a background of what Comodo thinks.

(:TNG) sorry, i didn’t see the BOC425 proccess

If you’re so tight on RAM that 20 MB make any difference if performance, you should really buy more anyway. :wink:

You could as well compare it with the 30 MB that CFP 2 occupied. :slight_smile: (See Melih? You give them incredibly optimized software and they complain about your other software. :D)

Anyway I’m confident that the final version of CAVS, which will include BOClean, will be greatly optimized kind of like CFP. 8)

LOL :smiley: