Firewall 10 and CIS in general are stopping one of my programs from opening.

Ever since the update a week or so ago, CIS has stopped allowing Mechwarrior Online to launch through Steam. I click the game, and it just sits in my processes and nothing happens.

I removed every quarantined item, every Hips item, Unblocked all firewall items, then disabled every feature completely. Game still wouldn’t load. To the best of my knowledge I reduced Comodo to a pretty “off” state. Then I shut down all the services, and shut down all the processes.
Game still wouldn’t load.

I uninstall everything Comodo and it runs fine. So I figured it must be a fluke, I redownload and install just the firewall, and it happens again, right away. Did the same procedures as before, even more thorough because there were very little new entries in this new install.
Processes and services off. No launch.

Uninstall, able to launch. Can anyone help with this? I don’t just want to get rid of Comodo.

You shouldn’t be terminating CIS running processes and stopping its services. Just disable each component and if it still doesn’t work then add the executable to the exclusions of detect shellcode injections located in advanced protection > miscellaneous > exclusions link.

Thank you Futuretech. I just tried that, and it fixed it.