Firewal is effecting keystrokes - can't type

I just intalled the suite and now the keyboard seems to fail after a short while and I have to reboot to be able to type anything. It’s not the keyboard itself, I put a new one in and the same thing happens.

I’m in safe mode now and it seems to be working - but in training mode after a few minutes it went glitchy each reboot.

Is there anything I can do and still have full protection?

Hey Jorro, What you might be wanting to check out is;
Comodo → Defense+ → Events.
There your should see whats happening on your pc.
If you can read and understand the logs that its showing you, then you can goto my Security Policy and modify\remove the conflicting rule.

If you need help reading the logs, please post a screen shot here and we’ll look at things further…

P.S Do you have any other security software installed? Running several software with the same motive can and does cause conflicts. (Fighting for resources, etc)