FireGPG and gmail


I need your help yet, again I’ve been trying to use FireGPG with gmail, but each time I try to send myself or, a friend an email CIS blocks these ports.

53015 To I think the IP has to do with Google? using port 465 TCP

Well I hope the above information helps if no just ask.


How would you go about unblocking a port?


If I understand correctly FireGPG is a FF extension.

The logged traffic is from your IP address port 53015 to

What rule are you using for FF? We probably need to add a bit to the rule to make it work.


Once again I must thank you, for taking the time here to help me, :wink: Yes FireGPG is an extension, for FF I think this is the information you asked me for, not sure. FF is running as a Web Browser :slight_smile: Please tell me if I’ve gotten this right? If no just ask I will try again.

Thank you belongs to Google, tcp port 465 is currently assigned by IANA as URL Rendesvous Directory for SSM, but according to wikipedia Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - Wikipedia

Server administrators choose whether clients use TCP port 25 (SMTP) or port 587 (Submission), as formalized in RFC 4409, for relaying outbound mail to a mail server. The specifications and many servers support both. Although some servers support port 465 for legacy secure SMTP in violation of the specifications, it is preferable to use standard ports and standard ESMTP commands.
So you need to add an allow out rule to tcp port 465 for firefox.


I’d like to take this time to say thanks, for helping with this but, I need more help. I’m not all to sure where to go from here? I opened CIS clicked on Firewall tab >> Advanced >> Network Security Policy >> I clicked on Firefox.exe then clicked on Add >> Use a Custom Policy >> Again clicked Add.

After that point I was lost to the world :frowning: If you could please find the time to help me, just a bit more here I’d be happy as can be. Sorry if I seem to be asking, for to much here, but I didn’t want to do anything dumb after all the help you both have giving me, thus far.

Thank you

I am attaching these screen shots for easier instruction, open up firefox network policy rules and select from ‘Use a custom policy’ then to the right click ‘Copy from’ and select ‘Predefined security policies’ and then chose ‘web browser’, at the bottom click add. At that screen change Protocol to TCP, Direction Out, go to destination port tab, select ‘A single port’ type in 465, click apply. Now make sure that new rule is Above the Block rule like it is in the last screen shot and click apply. Thats it your done!

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I’d like to once again thank you, for you’re time with this problem :wink: I’m happy to say that with the help from both of you I now can send Email the right way ;D All of you keep up the hard work you do.