Howdy all,
I’ve just added a new extension into Firefox (I have the latest version) called FireFTP. But I can’t connect with it. I can connect with WinSCP no problem to the server that I want to but not with FireFTP. I am using Vista Business but I want to use it as well with XP.

I’ve followed the support on the FireFTP site but how to edit my Firewall (which is the latest version) I’ve got no idea on where to start. Since it’s an extension in Firefox there is no way that I know of to allow it to go though in Comodo Firewall.

Any help at why it won’t connect???

Am I correct in assuming that this extension allows you to FTP from within FireFox?

If so, the problem is caused by the fact that FireFox (a browser) would typically uses ports 80 and/or 443), whereas an FTP app would use ports 20 and 21.

Have you allowed FireFox as a browser (which would allow traffic on ports 80 and 443) or as a trusted application (which would allow outbound on all ports)?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yup that’s it. I’ve always used some other FTP client (mainly winSCP) for my file transfers, but I found this one mainly as you don’t have to open another app.

Also I can’t connect to my main place where my files are, but I can connect to others such as “microsoft”.

I had this (Firefox) previously deamed to be a trusted app but I could never connect. So I switched the port num to 80 for the FireFTP and it seams to work well. Also I’ve redefined it (deleted the old version) as a trusted app.

Well I’ve now got to get onto someone else for my prob.

Thanks a mil (:CLP)