Firefox won't show Print Preview


Since I’ve installed COMODO Firewall, Firefox (currently at version 3.6.10) will not show the print preview.

Any ideas?

Hi there olspookishmagus. I have CIS v5 and Firefox v3.6.10 with no problems with print preview. Does print preview still work in other programs, and did you disable windows firewall? Is thier anything else you may have changed at the same time? Kind regards and hope a solution is near.

I have to disable Windows Firewall?

And also please keep in mind that the available printers are networked and not directly connected.

Hi again. Yes disable windows firewall, that failing I will have to let someone else respond regarding the networked type setup. Sorry I was not much help. Good luck.

We are assuming that the full lan is available, including networked printers to be seen in the network neighborood.

If not, you need to assign a static ip to each of your lan devices in the same ip range and workgroup, and then make svchost and system rules allowing this lan ip range, particularly in the netbios range 137-139 (BLOCK IT outside of the lan range!!).

When making a print preview from Firefox, the following defense+ rules are asked for:
-firefox to ntvdm.exe (seems to be a cis bug, but no one can help it)
-firefox to spoolsv.exe concerning alowing the printer drivers.
Check for these permissions in defense+

Of course, nothing shall be ever asked if cis is not set to proactive and highest levels for firewall and defense+: i keep saying that default cis is a real disaster for any lan configuration, and that it should be customized in the said circumstances so as to be asked of the appropriate rules and enforce them.

Also remember that such an answering process also is a disaster: when allowing and remembering a particular rule, cis immediately allow the all world: immediately amend the said rule to limit it to concerned ip and ports.