Firefox won't load [RESOLVED]

I am a new user of Comodo, confused by so many options and alerts. I have lost the use of my browser, in thta it will not load, and I cannot work out how to get it back Please help me. OS is XP.

Did you allow Firefox to run?

Open up Comodo and go the the D+ tab/advanced/Computer Security Policy. Look through the list till you find Firefox and right click on it and edit it to trusted.

Also what did the alert say? Was it a D+ alert or a firewall alert? If it was a firewall alert then you need to go to the Firewall tab/advanced/Network Security Polcy and find Firefox in there and edit it to web browser.

In my earlier attempts, yes. The problem is now resolved I think, thanks to advice from Vettetech.
Many thanks

Many thanks for this. Firefox is now running again and threw me back to where it all went pear-shaped - trying to download Adobe Reader.

Dont use Adobe reader. Use Foxit Reader. Its faster and very small install.

I’ve used Foxit in the past, but somehow it never quite ‘cut the mustard’ as they say. Perhaps I’ll try again.

I will close this since the issue is resolved.

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