Firefox won't load now with comodo

Been using firefox & comodo without any problems for years.

Now I cannot connect to the internet using firefox or internet explorer.
My mail program is working both sending & receiving.

Updated to firefox 13 (was on 11)
New error The instruction @ “ox83f9e193” referenced memory at “ox83f9e193” The memory could not be read.

Only choice is OK & closes.
I disconnect from internet & close comodo completely & firefox runs.

Completely cleaned comodo & reinstall brand new.
Get same message along with now while I check my defense settings twice the machine reboots itself.

Any thoughts?
I d/l slimbrowser and working OK.

Getting ready to do a reformat and clean stuff up good.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sandbox was running while update/installation?

Default settings out of the box.

Did you try a clean install of FF? If not please do so to see if the update may be went astray. Before clean installing FF do a back up of FF settings. When uninstalling FF let it delete all settings.

But we may also be looking at hardware or driver problem in the background as well because of the reboots.

Download Bluescreenview and check the Bug check string and Bug check code from the last three crashes if available and report them here.

Did the clean ff & clean install. No Joy.

System is over 8 months old.
Time to clean out the cobwebs & shake the rugs.


I’ll have to look if Sandbox is turned on by default, anyone know?

Firefox should not get sandboxed by the automatic sandbox because it is a safe application. You can take a look in View Active Processes in Defense+ to see if it gets sandboxed. Or otherwise check under Computer Security Policy → Always sandbox to see if you manually have it running in the sandbox.