Firefox with Defense +

Right I’m new to Comodo and there is something I don’t quite understand. With the firewall settings there is an option to choose predefined settings for a web browser, but with Defense+ there does not seem to be. What setting should I then choose when Defense+ alerts for Firefox.exe appear? The problem is that every time I download something with Firefox an alert appears and says that Firefox.exe is trying to make a new file/folder, do I want to allow this? Have allowed it every time and clicked remember my choice, but it keeps coming every time. Should I set it as a trusted application? Somewhere in the help file I remember reading that web browsers don’t need such a high level of access.
I realise I’m probably being dumb, but if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

I use Firefox as my default web browser, and IE7, and occasionally Opera, but have not seen this problem.

I also have Defense+ switched on. The only time I have seen Alerts is when the CFPv3 has been updated (such as the latest version 17.304) and just been installed.

If you get any alerts set them to Browser rather than Trusted Application.
That may cure the problem.

Hope that helps,


That’s my problem! With the defense + warning that appears there is not the option to set something as a web browser! Ihave however now made sure that in the firewall settings Firefox is set as a web browser and haven’t had any more warnings come up. Will wait and see how it goes along!!

Rather than make it a trusted application you could edit the rules under firefox for protected files and allow anything in the temporary directory %TEMP%* and where ever you save your downloads to.

NO NO. Its not Firefox’s problem. You cannot make something a Web Browser in D+. Do this. Delete all entires of Firefox in Firewall rules and D+ rules. Also delete and plugin rules. Reboot. Put firewall and D+ in training mode and then launch Firefox. Browse for a bit and close out Firefox. Open up Comodo and change the Firewall rule to Web Browser and leave the D+ entry alone. Switch Comodo back to Firewall setting of Train with Safe Mode and D+ setting to Clean PC Mode.