Firefox, what else?

Is there any other choice?

Firefox was able to run on most commonly OS.
So I use Firefox on my PC and use Opera on my Laptop.

I do use FF daily and I’m not in to browser wars but this is just “running away from the issue” once FF get’s to be the biggest browser hackers move on to exploiting FF more then IE because of it’s market share.

What’s way more easy at the moment is Exploiting the plugins that browsers use, attack them and you don’t have to attack the browser… etc, it’s always moving.

First they attacked the OS because there was no easy way to patch the OS, now you can Windows update your OS, so they move to IE browser, or FF browser or whatever browser, then they move to the plugins next they find something else.

Trouble is people need to update their system like once a week with the current ratio of update, and that’s not what the average user has it’s computer for, just to secure it to be secure, people want to work and be safe without having to update their system every week.

And on an enterprise there are a few other issues with moving away from IE, think of all kinds of restrictions you can set by the Policy so you can centrally manage what the user is allowed to change on the settings of IE. Moving away to an other browser can be a real pain for the IT dep. to achieve the same restrictions on other browsers etc…

So how’s IBM going to keep all those browsers up-to-date? and all the plugin’s that it loads (or add-ons that the users are probably be allowed to load?) that’s where the real issue is…

Simply said, yes there are other choices. If you take all of the browsers in their default installation with no addons or plugins, Firefox is at or near the bottom in terms of security. It takes independently developed addins to bring it up to snuff. It can be made to be very secure but at the cost of convenience and ease of use. Aside from this, I just don’t like parts of it like the download interface and favorites management. I like IE8 better and choose to use it after trying all of the alternatives. The one I liked the best after IE was Opera but my cleanup programs wouldn’t work right with it so back to IE. In the way I use a browser, none was any faster than IE8 either.

Incidentally, Firefox will never be the biggest browser.

ive tried almost every big browser out there but continuously come back to FF infact im typing this in the new FF4 beta 1

I looked at the new FF and I don’t like the way they have put the tabs at the top like Chrome. I prefer the UI of IE8.

You don’t have to put the tabs on top, just select the ‘Minefield’ button and either tick or untick for your preference.

Google Chrome is also very nice.