firefox warning ?

Please could someone tell me why my (comodo free firewall) reports this when i use firefox

c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe has tried to use c:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe through OLE automation which can be used to hijack other applications

Severity = HIGH
Reporter = application behavior monitor
Description = suspicious behavior

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Are you using the latest version of CPF (
Had you previously been using IE prior to opening firefox or opened firefox while IE was open?

If you had earlier used IE, closed it and then opened firefox then CPF would generate the warning you got. This is part of the way CPF works (though it is still not quite perfected) and it is why CPF passes all those leak tests mentioned elsewhere on the forums.
These OLE Automation warnings have confused lots of new users.

If you recognize the applications as trusted programs then you may safely allow the alert. Moreover, by checking the Remember option (if there is one) you should not be bothered by the alert in the future.

There are many mentions of this on the forums and below are a few of the many topics:,3668.0.html,3923.0.html,3923.0.html


Thanks for the links, Anderow.

To me, it has been perfected since v2.4 because I have yet to see one OLE automation alert :).
The basic thing to remember is if you recognize both programs as trusted you can safely allow the alerts, otherwise you risk losing net connection and may have to restart your browser.

I have had an alert similar to soulman’s when I first installed the latest version on one pc. I manually uninstalled 2.3 and installed 2.4 on this pc. Once I ticked to remember the rule and it appeared on my application control rules all was well.
On another pc where the firewall was updated to V2.4 automatically I have had no OLE alerts - the rules I had already created in the previous version appear to have been carried over to the updated 2.4.

I don’t know if this is normal but everything seems to work fine on both pc’s now.


When updating versions via the Updater, there shouldn’t be a loss of rules. It’s only when performing an uninstall will one lose rules and settings (which can be saved by the backup script).

This confirms the point I was trying to make: the problem with OLE has not been entirely fixed with the latest version.


Here’s egemen’s explanation and why we won’t be (as) confused with these alerts when 3 is out:,4728.msg35532.html#msg35532

A great clarification from Egemen. I bet version 3 will be awesome and I am sure it will be less ‘worrying’ for new users.


If they decide to use HIPS, that is (there’s that other group who prefer to use their own separate programs).

Andy Pandy will stick with HIPS I think!


Hello to you Anderow.

Yes i have the latest version ( and i had just closed ie7 and started using firefox, after reading your post i have checked the allow box on the alert and all is fine now.

I have not long since installed comodo on my pc and i am still getting used to it, so please forgive my lack of know-how.

Many thanks for your FAST response,
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Morning to you Toggie.
Sorry i missed you question:-

I just wondered, are you using an extension in Firefox, like IE View or IE Tab?

The answer is no mate.

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