Firefox wanting to start Firefox... according to D+

A few days ago, when I was starting Firefox (having just double-clicked), Defense+ warned me that an unknown application known as Firefox wanted to start an application known as Firefox. I’m fairly certain both were “unknown”, but that’s most likely because CFP isn’t in track with the most recent Firefox updates, so no worry there I guess.

However, how could it warn about two Firefox processes? I made a search at the computer, it only found one firefox.exe. I blocked that request, so Firefox didn’t start up. A few minutes later, I tried to start Firefox again, it didn’t do any weird request, and worked normally as it usually do.

Here is how Defense+ preserved the event:

2008-04-30 11:57:56 C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Create Process C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

It has only happened once.

What’s the cause of it? Is it just a bug, or is there something more fishy behind it?

Hi Calypze

I believe this is typical Firefox behavior. Under certain circumstances… like updates, add-on/theme load failures, add-on driven functions, etc… Firefox will, and does, start Firefox (killing the first instance shortly after). It can be something bad, but if CFP didn’t specifically warn you about something else (other than Firefox)… might have been on a previous run of Firefox… then the chances are probably very small. But, it’s probably worth while doing a Malware Scan via CFPs Defense+ & an overnight full HDD Anti-Virus scan (with the latest definitions) - just to be sure.