Firefox vs IExplore

A problem was found using Firefox 2.0 navegator.
If I use Firefox 2.0 all works well.

If I open Firefox after the opening of Internet Exporer (IExplore.exe), Comodo Firewall shows this alert:

Firefox is trying to act as a server. What would you like to do?

Application: Firefox.exe.
Local: IP Port 2056 TCP

Security considerations

C:\Archivos de programa\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORER.EXE has tried to use the Parent application explorer.exe through OLE Automation, which can be used to hijack other applications. IEXPLORE.EXE may be using explorer.exe to conceal its behaiour in an attempt to connect to the Internet with firefox.exe


If I allow, I can surf with Firefox
If I deny, all the surfing is blocked in Firefox (BUT NOT WITH I. EPLORER !!)

I must close both programs and run only Firefox

I.Explorer is trying to kill Firefox ???

I don’t think it is really like that… MSIE killing Firefox that is. What CPF is warning you about here is that MSIE hooked into explorer.exe using OLE. You’re being warned since explorer.exe may have been compromised & explorer.exe is the parent of the Firefox (the program you’re trying to run). If it is safe or not, depends on why MSIE OLE’ed to explorer. Odd that… a reverse leaktest. Normally its the other way around. Anyway… a quick barrage of questions now. ;D

Were you running any leaktest or anything like that? Had you just installed something into MSIE? Were there any messages before that concerning MSIE and/or explorer.exe?

Hi, nothing unusual really. This is normal. IE is not killing Firefox, CPF is blocking everything when you deny an OLE. I get the same thing only I reboot. This has been an issue and hopefully fixed in CPF 3. In your situation, when killing the programs, I believe you are somehow also allowing CPF to forget the OLE and allow your browser. This may be one answer to this problem, i’ll have to test it myself and never thought that killing the processes may work. You may have stumbled upon something here.

Kail, could you also give me a hand to test this if you get a chance? This would solve the OLE problem by doing this instead of a reboot. Thoughts?


I get the same often

An application (sometimes one ive blocked, not becuase its nasty, i just dont want it auto updating or something) tries piggy back a ride on another allowed application thats accessing the internet.

Unfortunately killing the attemp also kills the program that you were using’s access to. I hope this is improved so that only the apllication trying to piggy back a free ride is blocked.



I’m a brand new, one day old convert from ZA pro to CPF and am liking the latter a lot so far, EXCEPT for the issue noted in this thread. Two examples

First, my main browser is Firefox, but I also have to use IE7 to access my work webmail. When I open IE after Firefox I get the message noted in the posts above.

Second, something similar happens sometimes when I open IE7 when utorrent is already running. If I kill IE7 then I also kill utorent.

So my question is, what if I just allow IE7 access. Can this really cause harm. especially since the problem / issue seems to be CPF rather than IE7, firefox or utorrent.