Firefox vs Comodo Auto-Containment


after last update of Firefox to version 95.0 Firefox don´t start anymore.
I found out, that disabling the Auto-Containment let´s Firefox run again.

Even if I set Firefox to the trusted applications - it dont works. So I forced to disable Auto-Containment every time.

What could cause this behaviour?

Thanks and regards!

FWIW, I’ve installed Firefox V95.0 portable version and that version works fine.
As a suggestion, you could try to install Firefox V95.0 portable version too and see if that works.

It seems firefox did not update correctly and was most likely updated within the sandbox so you should re-install firefox. Also, you can check the containment logs to see why it is being auto-contained.

Thank´s! The hint with the portable version works!
In addition, the cache-routing to my RAMdisk also works fine. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.
Nice to hear that it works. :slight_smile: