Firefox updates (Version 4 to current)

Hi all. I noticed firefox 4 is due for release. They say the GUI is chrome inspired (influenced), I can see a hint of opera in it.
Will it have the power to improve its user statistics, and be a successful version?? Time will tell.
Good luck to all the Firefox users and Kind regards.

For any or you that just can’t wait until tomorrow, the final release is now available on the Mozilla ftp mirrors. You can also find it on Softpedia.

I just reloaded firefox (chose version 4) to see if it would solve a problem I had with HOTMAIL (see subject) and hotmail is now working again (but that is probably because cleaner did too good a job possibly and any reload would have worked) - just a thought.

Anyone waiting for firefox 4. Not showing on my update firefox yet, but it is here.

Have fun and good luck.

Have to say I’m loving Firefox 4 so far, and am very interested in the new Dev model soon to be deployed to be more like Chrome with v5, 6, 7 and so on… This will be either hit or miss depending on whether they can keep it all stable/bug free (only time will tell!) most of the time.

Hi Radaghast, thanks for that link (Some quite impressive Stats happening there)
I have installed V4 and I have to say it is a great improvement on previous versions as far as speed and the Gui looks very polished. At this stage I would have to say I always thought previous versions were a bit overated but this version has nice improvements. No crashes or hiccups yet. Kind regards.

I haven’t had a chance to use it much yet, but I’ve upgraded to version 4. :slight_smile:

Just loaded FF 4 and IE 9 (after all the good press I read from it) and I still prefer Firefox over IE, although I’ll say IE 9 is an improvement.

Only thing I disliked about the FF4 upgrade is my favorite theme Noia 2.0 eXTreme is no longer compatible, hopefully the author will fix this in the coming weeks, but until then I’m enjoying the default user interface for FF4.

Here’s a fun little infographic: The First 48 Hours of Mozilla Firefox 4

i was undecided in the last few moths, which browser would be my main browser.
But since the release of FF 4, there is no doubt in my mind.
I love it

Updated to FF 4 the day of release, and I love it :slight_smile:

Paired it with the Nuvolo theme since Noia 2.0 Extreme is no longer compatible (and doesn’t seem like it will be updated).

Secret Code for FF User:


  • Copy/paste at the address bar [Enter]

I found out how to make the invisible text visible… >:-D

Who wants to learn how to do that? :a0 :wink:

This section requires expansion.

Good new for DNT:

For those of you using firefox and looking for a little extra security, particularly with secure web sites, you may or may not be aware of the inclusion of HTTP Strict Transport Security in firefox. Unfortunately, there isn’y much of a UI by default but the developer has recently updated his addon, which you may find of interest.

Force - TLS :: Add-ons for Firefox

There’s also an experimental add-on called HTTPS Finder that automatically detects and alerts (or silently switches to SSL) when SSL is available on the web page. Since it’s experimental the latest versions of HTTPS Finder can be found on their Google Code page.

HTTPS Everywhere is based on the code from NoScript and both allow one to create rules for HTTPS redirects. ForceTLS is a little different, in that it doesn’t require rules, but therein may lie a lack of flexibility. Perhaps a a mix and match of all three would be interesting :slight_smile:

And then again, it might drive you completely crazy and put you off SSL for life. :slight_smile: :wink: