Firefox update to makes Boclean react


I’ve got just a simple question this time ;). Firefox update to made BoClean react. Why only to this update and not to others?

What do you mean by react? I’ve not noticed any problems yet.

Learning there is a new version of FF from this post, I downloaded it. I got no reaction from BOClean to FF. Maybe you have a local reaction unique to your setup.


Your description of your problem isn’t complete/clear.
Are you saying CBO broke out in hives or are you saying CBO alerted to a trojan? ;D
If CBO alerted to a trojan you need to give the complete alert information.

no problems here, except for the usual extension tension

I had no problems either.

Greetz, Red.

Hi everybody,

You’re right…I should have been more precise ;). Here it is:

  1. I’ve put Firefox in the Excluder because somebody else had a problem with it (I am starting to regret it that I did it ;D)

  2. Now after every update of Comodo I keep getting this:

What if you took it back out of the Excluder?

ROFLMAO! Great turn of phrase and a revolting mental image! :o

No problems with Firefox, other than having to tick a couple of boxes as usual. :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but now I don’t understand your problem anymore.

Here you say CBOClean reacts on the Firefox update ( which is in the Excluder ). Correct ? I would say that it should notice you when something in the Excluder is changed.

Here you say COBClean reacts now like this after every defenition update. Correct ? That would be strange.

Question : Did you follow the advise from the pop-up warning ?

If you did, can you do it again and see if it helps.

Greetz, Red.

No problems with FF 2.0.5 and BOClen (:AGL) (V)

that’s not a laughing matter hives can be nasty, I believe MS makes something for them called UPHClean (User Profile Hive Cleanup Service), but I think you need some bloke called Reg Edit to apply it for you.

Hi everybody,

Well, here is a follow-up.

I tried to follow the “advise” in the pop-up window. As I could not get things right…
… I decided to solve the problem in a simple way ;D:

I took all my browsers out of the Excluder. …

BoClean is back to normal… :BNC

Ok, most important is that you have solved your problem :slight_smile: Although I don’t understand what realy happened :wink:

Greetz, Red.

CBOC does do that. If an application that is in CBOCs Excluder, then CBOC issues a warning if the application has been changed.

Hey Kail, I understand that :slight_smile: But that was not what MacPeter described here :

Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore :wink:

Greetz, Red.