Firefox stopped working

My Mozilla Firefox stopped working around 03:00cet yday and i have no idea why. So if anyone could be kind and tell me where to browse to enable it again, that would be great.

I can always reinstall it (did it last time 2~months ago) but would be better if i can sort it with some easy changes.

What do you mean by stopped working, it won’t open up, can’t get on the 'net? Does IE work?

Hiya mate,have you checked firefox policy in firewall/advanced/network security policy and defence+/advanced/computer security policy.In the firewall section you can select firefox by highlighting it/click edit/check use a predefined policy and highlight web browser,now" apply" on all windows.

In defence+ check you have a custom policy.

See if this works if not post back.

Regards Matty

ps check you still have a connection as it may be summat else

found the error now, didnt really read what error mess it was. But when i read it said that proxy didnt work. So i fixed that now and it works :smiley:

Tnx guys :wink: