Firefox setup tagged as VIRUS = FP

I went to install Firefox from Mozilla’s standard web site on a PC running Comodo Internet Security free version (which I installed 1 week ago) and after clicking on the installer suddenly Comodo popped up a big, red warning that “Firefox Set up is a VIRUS”. Obviously that was not the case, but, for some reason Comodo decided it was and blocked that install. I closed everything down, brought it back up, went back to the Firefox web site and this time it downloaded and installed just fine. Go figure. Just had that one false positive on Firefox so far, have installed Firefox on a couple of other PCs with no problems.

Unfortunately I can not rely on that for my non-techie friends at the tennis club I’m helping out, where they are not going to know what to do if Comodo suddenly and falsely decides their Quickbooks, bar code scanner driver or something else they rely on is a virus, when it is really not. Just makes more headaches (and really late nights) for me.

What was the full name of the virus?