Firefox rules and errors

Hi there,

Whilst I understand firefox is a trusted app, if another app tries to update through firefox that I do not want it to have internet access I deny the rule and tell it to remember it.

Problem is firefox will not work unless you reboot it for the new rule to take effect.

I have the latest version of firefox and comodo.

Any idea if this is a bug or a setting issue peeps?


It’s the same for me… I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like this… ???

Hi Aowl,

I am going to put out a post on this as well since I have the same issue and haven’t seen anything addressed as of yet to it.


It’s not only that. I can be like, If i edit an image in Photoshop, and then minimize or close Photoshop, just to check my mail, i get strange popups… like “Photoshop is trying to use Thunderbird to…”

And of course, the same thing happens here… if i deny, Thunderbird won’t connect. I have to restart it, so i just allow all the time… ;D

Yes I have something like this too, I use Media player Classic to watch videos, I’m finished I close MPC and when I open Firefox I have a message saying “Media player Classic is trying to access internet via Firefox…” ::slight_smile:

Same issue here with Thunderbird.

I’m having this quite often with Firefox and Thunderbird. I might be using some program that has no need to use the net and CPF tells me FF or TB is being used by it. Often this happens just as I’m changing focus from one program to another, or if I open FF or TB whilst using the other program.
Also a new rule is sometimes made for this.

Same issues with thunderbird and winamp or indeed any program not in the safe list that tries to update or access the internet.

I have this too, especially with ICQ!!! When I deny, I have to reconnect my ICQ!

So I’m not the only one.

I don’t know how the parent check is done but it sometime leads to …erm… interesting :wink: results.

I open [some application], close it, open firefox and CF popups because [some application] is pretended to connect to the internet through firefox. I regularly clean up the app monitor because I have 8-10 rules for firefox alone. Even one with firefox trying to connect throuh firefox. ???


Ditto to all of the above.

Add me to the list of users who are having the same problem. It is disconcerting to see an application request a connection via another application that was shut down earlier. It installs doubts as to the level of security covering my system.

Mine is not limited to firefox, pretty much any program that accesses the net sparks these warnings if a second one is open. And creating rules for each makes for a very messy and confusing Application Window.


I’ve seen this happen a few times very recently (last couple days) with one app specifically (XnView). The weird thing is, not every time that I use XnView does this happen. ??? One time (yesterday) I denied it, and so FF stopped connecting, as did Outlook. I rebooted, did it again, denied, FF was blocked, but Outlook continued to work. Then I created a rule to block XnView, period. Now we’ll see what happens.

I thought I saw this discussed in an OLE thread? Twas stated that CPF has this glitch, and “remembers” the deny, assigning it to the parent (instead of the child), until reboot (if my memory is good). Makes sense? Yes/No?

Lemme ck my post hx and see what I find.


Update: Okay, my mind has been fragged by lack of sleep. :frowning: Yes, I saw (and posted in) other threads regarding this issue with OLE automation. I’m chasing my tail; they’re all connected. Paul created a thread after posting here (which I saw first); AOwl posted there as well. In another thread (where I referenced the aforementioned), Paul posted as well, and said hopefully the issue would be addressed by future versions. My numb mind re-interpreted that as something else; mentally I linked that with a different topic altogether. Ugh. Maybe it’s time for a little afternoon “pick-me-up.”

I also have these problems with several different programs being accused of using OLE automation in very curious circumstances: Firefox, IE7,, … I have tried to work through Comodo support on this but have had no satisfaction. They say “Just turn off OLe checking”, but I don’t think that is the right approach at all.

I suspect some of these events are associated with CF forgetting its rules in certain circumstances, but I’m not certain of this. [Hey! this Firefox 2 spell checker rocks!]

Maybe if enough noise is made someone will take these complaints seriously enough to really fix matters.

Hi, this has been an issue and I have been keeping on it :wink: As soon as I get word this will be fixed I will let all know immediately.