Firefox & Real Alternative

A little problem and I have to eliminate all the possibilities one by one. So even if it seems impossible to me I have to ask anyway:
Is there some one that uses Firefox 2, Real Alternative 1.51 and Comodo and everything is ok? I mean you can see real media embed in Firefox with no problem.
Please, help! Thanks!

Peace out!

I use them, without problem, but can you give me a link to where you have a problem?

All the real media embed does some strange things to my flawless(not anymore) Firefox., but here is one: Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos.
But it is how i imagined. It’s not Comodo’s fault. It can’t be, he is perfect! (V)
Hmmm, this is a scratch header! Must go deeper and deeper!

Hmmm, It worked for me…
I can’t reproduce your issue…
Did you install real alternative before or after you installed FF 2?
I have had real alternative for a while so it was installed before FF 2 on my PC.