Firefox queries

So I’m testing the beta Comodo firewall 3, and I’m playing around with Firefox permissions. Why does firefox want to access svchost for DNS queries when it works fine making direct queries? I assume it’s better for it to make direct queries in terms of filtering and management.

Second, why does it try and directly access the screen? It displays web pages (google, comodo etc) fine without it, and why would it want to even try something that might allow compromise to take screenshots?

Finally when I start firefox, why does it want to access the service control manager (name may be off) which according to comodo would let it install software?

All this seems like it’s reaching out for things that are totally unnecessary for web browsing (e.g. it works fine with the requests blocked…).

These questions sound more like Firefox specific, than CFP specific… perhaps there is a better chance of an informative answer if you bring it up on Mozilla’s forum?


Id be guessing, but I’d bet that it is due to plug-ins that most of those non-browser activities happen. Toolbars that write to the screen, modules that check for updates and so on.