Firefox Problem

I have been having this annoying problem with Mozilla Firefox once in a while now.

Sometimes when I type things in it, it doesn’t show what I’ve typed. Thank goodness that, upon typing this post, at least here in COMODO Forums, I can see what I am typing.

Sometimes, in Google, the results will be all whited-out. You can read it. Pressing ctrl+a doesn’t reveal the letters.

Sometimes logging on to your email, you can’t see the username and password you type in.

If some ■■■^(& piece of &)*&^(& smart computer hacker guy did this, to hell with him/her.

I cleared all history, all cookies. Nothing works.

Any insight will be appreciated.

I’d suggest the quickest thing you can do. is creaete an new profile and see if you have the same problems. If you’re not sure how to do this, read on:

Create a shortcut to firefox.exe
Modify the path in the shortcut bt adding -p to the end
Double click on the shortcut to launch firefox
follow the prompts to creat a new profile.

Once done check to see if the problem still exists. You could also try starting the browser in safe mode. For this add -safe-mode to the path of the shortcut.