FireFox problem

FireFox has been slow real slow to launch. I looked around on their forums and tried several things. I created a new profile, uninstallled reinstalled, deleted the profile folder etc… Checked out my computer etc… Was trying to figure this out for about 2 days. Then I started to think the only thing beta I had on my computer at the time was Comodo Firewall. I uninstalled and now FF launches every time without any delays. I am/was using version

I haven’t got an answer to your question but I am also running CFP (beta) and Firefox 2.0. The first time firefox loaded, it did take a while (with CFP on and off). The second and every other time, I didn’t notice any difference to be honest.


For me it was every time. I even formatted. It still happened and then I thought of Comodo Firewall. Hope someone finds out what is wrong. If anyone needs any info to help find out what is wrong let me know.

Try the newest beta and see if it helps.

I actually would give the same answer, a bit slower to start firefox just the first time after CPF is installed, but not anymore after that. There’s no delay in (allowed) application start with cpf. same with all versions.

Aside from the the (which I have found to be incredibly fast in comparison to, you might also try going to your Application Rule for Firefox, Edit it, go to the Miscellaneous tab, and check the box for “Skip Advanced Security Checks.” That might speed it up.

However, thus far I can recommend without any problem; it is a decided improvement over Although it’s a Beta yet, it seems very stable, solid.


I am not using Comodo right now since the last version causes bsods. I am using the windows firewall. Cant wait till the next version comes out.